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Silver & Gold Magazine is your best choice for interest and lifestyle-focused issues that are just for you: The Boomer Plus!  

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Silver & Gold features interactive pages to flip through and read, as well as audio to listen to at your leisure, interesting videos and interviews to watch, contests, games, and more... Go ahead! Read our issues HERE!

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what if something happens to me

"What If Something Happens To Me?" Order your 48-page workbook HERE!

Try our recipes!

Silver and Gold's recipes for Boomers and Seniors are healthy, easy, delicious, and cost-conscious.  Featuring good-for-you breakfasts, easy snacks, satisfying meals, delicious and healthy desserts, fresh and nutritious salads, we have put it together for you in an easy-to-read format.

Our Silver & Gold recipes even include DIY home and body care recipes, tips and tricks for caregivers, gardeners, and home renovators, and natural cure remedies.  Click HERE to check them out!

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