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Silver & Gold is a magazine in Southern Ontario, published specifically for the interests and lifestyles of our Boomers Plus readers. Each issue features entertainment, knowledge, and great articles to entice our thousands of readers.

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Raking Grass

If you're helping seniors living in their homes with:

• Gardening • Cooking

• Deliveries / Shopping

• Window Cleaning

• Real Estate for Seniors

• Caregivers

• Downsizing / Decluttering

and more

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Our recipes are healthy, easy, delicious, and cost-conscious.  Featuring good-for-you breakfasts, easy snacks, satisfying meals, delicious and healthy desserts, fresh and nutritious salads, we have put it together for you in an easy-to-read format.

Our Silver & Gold recipes even include DIY home and body care recipes, tips and tricks for caregivers, gardeners, and home renovators, and natural cure remedies. 

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