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15-Minute Pizza:

Eat well, eat healthy, and quick!



We all know what it's like to look in the fridge and wonder what to have for lunch.

Sometimes you wait sooo long that your body starts to shake, headaches come on strong, and your stomach rumbles like it'll wake up the neighbour's baby...


Wait and wonder no longer! These Silver & Gold 15-minute pizzas can be prepared and heated up in the oven in a jiffy! Don't they look DELICIOUS? Crunchy, crispy, and filled with flavour.. and customizable to your own liking! YUM. 

15-minute pizzas

The trick to making pizza quickly is to use a breading that is already done for you. 

We like to use tortillas. Yes, that's right, whole wheat (or corn) tortillas!

Tortillas are a good option for making quick pizza because they only need to be toasted, not baked like pizza dough... This is what makes a pizza take soooo loooong!

The other reason why these are healthy is because of the minimal amount of cheese. 

Although cheese is good for you, here in North America we use TOO MUCH OF IT on our pizza – which makes it too fatty and oily. Too much fat isn't good folks!

Read this article from "" to find out why.

How to make these quick delicious 15-minute pizzas:
  • Heat up your oven to 350°F

  • Place a sheet of parchment paper (or foil if you don't have any) on a cookie sheet

  • Place your tortillas on top of the parchment paper

  • Add a small amount of cheese to the tortillas – that's right, no sauce needed unless you have some leftover sauce. And by a "small amount of cheese" we mean anything you have on hand, like pieces of cheddar, Brie, or even parmesan cheese.

  • Rough chop any veggie you like or have leftovers from, like peppers, onions, olives or mushrooms, any leftover meats. It can even be last night's leftover chicken pieces!

  • Season with salt and pepper (unless you have meats, then you really don't need the added salt).

  • Throw in the oven, on the middle rack for 10-minutes until veggies are warm and tortillas are slightly browned and crunchy. 

  • Serve and devour!

It's good to have these flatbreads handy in the refrigerator for when you are looking for something quick to make but are so hungry that you can't think of what's for lunch or dinner! These quick pizzas are fantastic at any time of day, even for breakfast!

If you're not into eating pizza but something else that's quick, why not have a breakfast for dinner night? Try making one of our breakfast wraps, delicious with whatever you have handy in the refrigerator! Enjoy!

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