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Breakfast Wrap


Oh, the variety of choices you can pick from to have a healthy (and quick) breakfast!

Making scrambled eggs doesn't take more than a minute. And if eggs aren't your favourite, how about a breakfast wrap made with peanut butter, jam, and banana?

Wraps are a perfect type of low-gluten bread to have at hand. Try our Silver and Gold breakfast wraps for snack-time too! And they are excellent to carry with you in a plastic container for those family road trips where bread would otherwise get soggy.

There isn't much you can't put inside a breakfast wrap to make it easy and healthy. Our favourite Silver and Gold choices are:

- Egg wrap (pictured at left): Spread a cream cheese base all through the wrap, this will act as your "glue" once it's all together. If you prefer not to use cream cheese, try using a bit of butter as the base. Fill with scrambled eggs and roll. 

Alternatively you can also add a bit of steamed spinach before wrapping, for added nutrition.

- Monkey Rolls (pictured above): This is one of publisher Suzanne's favourite go-to breakfast for her kids! 

Spread peanut or nut/seed butter all through the wrap. Place banana (sliced in half, length-wise), add a dollop of your favourite jam (try our sugar-free super healthy sweet jam recipe!), then wrap and enjoy.

- Breakfast burrito wrap (pictured at left): Just like the egg wrap above, but with added beans and salsa... simply delicious and perfect for a Sunday brunch with guests!

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