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DIY eco-friendly produce bags

(from old t-shirts... and more!)



In our Silver and Gold Summer 2019 issue, we shared the most amazing idea: How you can easily make your own produce bags, using old t-shirts! 

There is an over-abundance of clothing in our planet, and although many pieces are donated and shipped to third world countries, there is just too much of it that cannot be used – whether because it's in bad condition, or there's just too much of  it.

At Silver and Gold, we enjoy sharing ideas that help our environment, and these links below will show you step-by-step how you too can be an 'eco-warrior'!

Some of these ideas are sew-free, while some are made using a simple stitch which you can even do by hand... So find those old t-shirts or even pick some up at your local salvage store and make some produce bags you can re-use and wash to your heart's content!

Sew Free produce bags.png

Easy Knit Produce Bag – Delia Creates (above image in green)

Delia had the BEST idea when she came up with these awesome little produce bags using old t-shirts... not only does it eliminate some of the clothing that is in over-abundance on our landfill sites, but they're so easy to create!  Imagine having your own "Superhero" baggie? How fun!

For step by step instructions, visit Delia's website here:

easy tote bags mommypotamus

How to make a no-sew bag in 10 minutes

– Mommypotamus (snoopy image in red, to the left)

Mommypotamus is a brilliant website lead by a brilliant lady, a busy mom who loves DIY projects!

This step-by-step instruction will teach you how to make your own baggie using t-shirts. 

IT'S SEW-FREE, and uses the "tie the knot" method.


Super easy! check it out here:

Loose Produce Bags for Larger Items

– by Waste Not Want Not 

Here's another sew-free method for making your own produce baggies out of old t-shirts... super easy, and something you can put together while you're watching television! Of course, not recommended for smaller items such as green beans or mushrooms... but imagine the colours you can achieve!

t shirt produce bag
mesh produce bag mermaidsden

DIY Mesh Produce Bags

– by Mermaid's Den

These little baggies are easy to do, but they do require some sewing. However, they are great to have at hand for use with smaller produce items that otherwise would fall out of a sew-free bag. 

These baggies are reusable and washable, plus they will weigh almost nothing at check-out. In this case, Mermaid's Den used some old curtain fabric found at a thrift store - brilliant!

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