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Woman Meditating
Mindfulness Meditations

These easy-going and gentle meditations have been prepared by various accredited Meditation Teachers, and are designed to relax, centre the body and mind, ease the day ahead, or prepare for restful night sleep.


Mindfulness is the practice of being in the "here and now", and doesn't require any previous meditation experience, any particular way of sitting or crossing legs, and is non-denominational. Mindfulness Meditations range from 2-minutes to 15-minutes and may be practiced at your own leisure, in your own time. New practices by different experts are added weekly, and topics range so you may find something that is just fitting. 

Regular Mindfulness Meditation practice has many benefits:

  • reduce stress

  • aid in better sleep

  • help control pain

  • regulate blood pressure (whether high or low)

  • promote physical health by strengthening the immune system (since the mind is more relaxed and focused, the body responds positively)

  • improve and enhance emotional health and self-awareness

  • relax the body and mind

  • improve focus and attention.


Most meditations are in audio format so you can listen to them at your leisure, whether on your cell phone, laptop, or computer, and others include a video so you can follow along with the instruction or see exactly how it's suggested

New meditations are added either weekly or bi-weekly.

By comparison, many mindfulness meditation practices are charged at $10 per month. 

Monthly Seniors Days Calendar

Ever visit a store to find they had a Seniors Day Discount the day before? Or maybe you keep forgetting which days the discounts are provided, and by whom?

Check-in monthly, or even daily, to review and print out a monthly calendar of Seniors Days, for discounts and savings provided by pharmacies, hardware stores, and many other retail outlets. You can even take a screenshot or a photo using your cell phone. Never miss a discount again!

Video Recipes​

Check out some videos you can WATCH for how a particular recipe is made, and review the step-by-step instruction – with Silver and Gold, it's fun and so easy to make healthy, delicious, inexpensive dishes!

Exclusive Content

Our monthly exclusive content includes interviews and special videos for you to see at your leisure. This is content that is in addition to our Online Silver & Gold Magazine issues – especially for you!


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