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Downsizing is HARD. Take a breath.

Sipping a latte at the local Starbucks with my friend Mary, we reminisced about the fears she and her husband Steve had about moving from their family home of 40+ years to a smaller Condo in a new neighbourhood.

Mary’s fears were real. She and Steve knew that because of their age, it was becoming difficult to care for the home that they loved. Snow removal, yard work, and the cost of maintenance were becoming unmanageable, particularly with Steve’s recent health issues.

Aside from these practical fears, Mary’s biggest fear was one of loss. Would the memories that she cherished fade upon selling their beloved home? Moving seemed like the next stage in life, and she feared giving up the life that was familiar. Steve wondered if his neighborhood buddies would come to visit him or would he be forgotten and left out of the morning “coffee club” that the men often enjoyed, much less the annual street party.

Working closely with a realtor specializing in senior’s moves, they downsized to a 2-bedroom condo in the same town, close to a park and community centre. It has an entertainment room to host friends and family gatherings, a gym and swimming pool, tennis courts – Steve is an avid tennis player, and underground parking.

She added with a smile: Having a realtor who takes the time to understand our needs and emotions, and who can guide us through the whole process, gives us complete peace of mind. Our realtor has a Seniors Real Estate Specialist® Designation. Would you like her name?

Finishing up my latte, I asked Mary: “How do you like your new place?” Mary smiled: “I’m glad we did it. We really like our new place. Our lives have become much easier for both of us and we have time for fun again. We made new friends and still see our old ones. My cherished memories of our home are still with me, I guess that will never change. Besides, there was a good chunk of money left on the sale. Guess where we are going for our 45th honeymoon?!”•

Irina Arkhpova is an Oakville resident, Seniors Real Estate Specialist & Certified Negotiation Expert. She cares for aging, education, and violence prevention. 905-599-8887

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