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Excellent Top 10 Home Organizing Tips

How do you eat an elephant?


Often, you don’t begin organizing or downsizing because you think it will take too long, or you don’t know where to start. It’s overwhelming! Check out the Elephant Challenge and discover ten organizing and/or downsizing tasks you can do around your house in 20 minutes or less!

  1. Clean your cutlery drawer. Toss anything that is rusty, broken or totally useless.

  2. Remove everything from the cabinet under the sink. Sort, purge and replace.

  3. Organize the top shelf in the front hall closet.

  4. Check your coffee mug collection. Keep only the ones you LOVE to use.

  5. Check your medicine cabinet and dispose of expired medications responsibly.

  6. Be ruthless with bath towels – frayed or discoloured towels can be donated to the Humane Society or local animal shelter.

  7. Sort the mitten/glove drawer and discard any “orphans” in the mix.

  8. Fresh herbs & spices enhance your cooking and baking. Replace spices if they are past their “best-before date”.

  9. Fill a box with HHW – Household Hazardous Waste – and take it to your local Transfer Station.

  10. 1For clothes: if you haven’t worn it in the last two years, think that someone in need could be wearing it. Consider donating to a charitable organization that helps the homeless and women’s shelter.

Need more help? Consider hiring a Senior Move Manager, as they specialize in helping older adults, and are skilled at both the emotional and practical dimensions of late-life transitions. These experts can defuse a parent-child emotional clash while handling everything from sorting/packing, hiring movers, unpacking in the new home and finding a home for the items not taken with you.•

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