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Advice for Best Summer Lawns

Want a beautiful lawn this summer? Here's some easy Silver and Gold advice: Follow these easy tips for a greener, healthier lawn:

Keep it long

If you’re mowing shorter to prolong the time until you need to mow again, you may be damaging the health of your grass. Shorter grass gets damaged easier by heat and dry weather, plus longer blades will shade the soil, protecting it from weeds sprouting in between.

Longer in the shade too

If your lawn grows under a tree, it will need to compete with tree roots for water and nutrients. Keeping it longer will help it stay healthier and will require less water – which also prevents fungus, mushrooms and weeds from growing.

Mowing pattern

Rather than mowing the same route pattern every time, switch it up! Mow in a different direction every time to encourage growth in a different direction.

Mow according to weather

Instead of mowing every weekend, mow less during hot weather and consider skipping a week during summer months. Longer lawns will retain water better than short lawns, and damage the root system less.

No more bagging

Leaving grass clippings behind is a natural way of fertilizing your lawn with needed nitrogen and other nutrients – plus it’s a heck of a lot less work!

Watering times

Do not ever water your lawn during the day – especially not during hot summer days or late-afternoons, as you will be using three times more water as most of it will evaporate before reaching the root system. Watering between 10am and 10pm promotes mould and weed growth. Instead, schedule irrigation systems to go on at 2am, or water first thing in the morning. Be eco-conscious, do your part, and conserve water! •

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