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Winter Gardening: It IS possible!

Every gardener knows that gardening isn’t just about digging in the dirt, as to have a proper garden you need to do lots of planning and design ahead of time. Enter winter gardening!

Winter months are the perfect time to review what you grew last year and plan what you’d like to have different next gardening season.

  • Take photographs now – Since the gardening season has recently ended and your past garden journey is probably still fresh in your mind, get outside and take photographs. You won’t be planting outside for close to six months, and photos will be great reminders of what worked or didn’t, and where it was planted.

  • Tag your plants – If there are any shrubs or trees which you’d like to move or take out, tag them by wrapping a fluorescent piece of tape around a branch. This will remind you of the ones you weren’t happy to begin with, and will also serve as a good visual for future planning.

  • Research seeds – Whether you prefer to purchase locally or research online, there are many resources to begin next year’s planning. This way, when every other gardener begins to itch to make their spring purchases, you’ll be two steps ahead! Visit for a list of seed companies and for joining a seed exchange.

  • Build or buy raised beds – Winter is the perfect time to review spots where you can add raised beds for edibles, since you’re more likely to remember what it looked like, and where the sun hit on your garden. Some gardeners may also be selling their planters if they’ve lost interest or have downsized into an apartment.

  • Organize your garden tools – What did you previously find inconvenient? Where should your tools hang, and is there a good place for adding a small table?

  • Analyze what your garden looks like now, so that you can improve its aesthetics for next winter. Remember, it’s not just about the pleasure of gardening, but a beautiful garden can also improve a home’s curb appeal and value.•

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As seen in Silver and Gold Magazine, Winter 2018 issue. Read it online!

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