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Building family memories: It's an investment in TIME

In the Fall issue of Silver and Gold, we entertained the idea of a multi-generational family getaway with your children and grandchildren. With this year marking my mother’s 75th birthday, we wanted just that: A family celebration that would bring a smile to our faces and build memories for years to come.

While some families may take the route of planning big birthday bashes with lavish catering, decorations, and many gifts, we decided instead to take mom away. The idea of a girl’s trip was perfect, including daughters and grand-daughters. It was something she had always wanted but over time proved difficult to arrange, as everyone is so busy with work, school, and extra curricular activities! The getaway to Blue Mountain (near Collingwood) was ideal.

Since there were nine of us, and rather than renting a few hotel rooms, we decided on a chalet rental, which worked out well for our budget. At the chalet, we could all spend time gathering to catch up, take photographs, cooking and sitting by the fire, doing puzzles and listening to music – just what mom had dreamed of. In the afternoon, we wandered off on a short hike to Blue Mountain Village. There, we took some more memorable photographs, shopped the unique stores and boutiques, and enjoyed a great meal at a cozy restaurant. It was beautiful to wake up to family: Make a potluck breakfast, enjoy a dip in the hot-tub, cheer with some Mimosas, and catching up in general.

It’s also a treat not to have to clean up after the big get together, and to be able to pack it in for the night when you want since at a chalet everyone will typically have their own room. I don’t think we would’ve been able to accommodate nine people comfortably to chat, had we stayed in a hotel!

As the years go by and both my children and my mother get older, I realize that nothing is as important as spending time together. No gift can ever replace that, it IS the gift. We live such busy lives that planning ahead and making time for each other is significant – for the older folks as it is for the younger ones.

No longer just seeing each other during weddings and funerals, the family getaway doesn’t have to be far away, lavish, or expensive. Picking a location that is accessible for everyone, no matter where they live, is key, and finding the right place to both spend some quiet time yet find things to do regardless of the time of year, fits with everyone.

What special events do you have coming up this year? Pick a weekend well ahead of time so everyone can be sure to take time off and attend, and build some family memories. •

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Suzanne Soto-Davies is the Founder and Publisher of Silver and Gold Magazine.

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