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Is hormone replacement for you?

- As read in Silver and Gold Magazine's "Fall 2018" issue. Read more HERE.

You squint at the bathroom mirror asking, “Who is that impostor”? Like worn out underwear, it’s crept up: Disrupted sleep, fatigue, poor stamina, moodiness, digestive symptoms, thinning hair and foggy memory. And, where did those wrinkles and jowls come from anyway?

Sound familiar? Whether you are in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s or beyond, this could be YOU. Aging is a thief and it has stolen your vitality. Hormone replacement may help you be yourself again!

Some believe that you lose our hormones because you age. Longevity doctors say you age because you lose your hormones. Hormones are messengers that control all body functions; they’re not just for getting your sexy on. Hormones are maximally produced at age 25 but decline with age. For women, there is an abrupt downturn ending in menopause. For men, hormones decline more gradually but the effects for both genders are noticeable.

Hormone replacement therapy has been a hot topic in the past few decades. There are synthetic pharmaceutical (HRT) and bioidentical (BHRT) replacements available for both men and women.

Opinions differ about hormone replacement: Conventional practitioners believe that they should only be used for a short time to manage symptoms. Longevity experts use bioidentical hormones to, in effect, reduce one’s functional age by about ten years. The data now show that people who use BHRT have reduced chances of dying from many of the diseases that are believed to be inevitable with age.

Just like using insulin, there are tests for measuring and monitoring BHRT. Medications are usually custom prescribed and compounded. Using BHRT can help you look good and feel great, reclaiming some of the goods that the hormone thief had stolen. Perhaps with BHRT, you will be able to look and feel like yourself again! •

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Dr. Wysynski MD, functional medicine and hormone expert, has helped patients achieve longevity goals for over 13 years. She is located in Burlington ON. 289 812 2190

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