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Downsize Within Your Current Home

For many of us, downsizing from our current home to a smaller living space brings on fears of moving far away from community, family, friends, doctors, and the neighbourhood we love. This type of relocation to new surroundings can often lead us to feelings of isolation.

A solution is available for many homeowners! By-laws now allow for the creation of legal ‘secondary suites’ or ‘accessory dwelling units’ to be built in most detached homes and, in some municipalities, in semi-detached even townhomes.

This new living space provides you with a fresh customized environment that can support your current and future accessibility and mobility needs. It can be the home you always dreamed of! You can also benefit financially from the significant rental income generated by the other home within your home. The tenant living in that ‘apartment’ could be a family member, a friend, or perhaps one of the thousands of families or seniors on the Housing Wait List in your area. Part of your rental agreement with your tenant can include their support for shovelling, lawn maintenance, and other duties that become a little more challenging as we age.

By building these new units to Ontario Building Code standards and local by-laws, you increase the value of your property and ensure safety and peace-of-mind for everyone.

Your home has a unique opportunity to become two homes. Obtaining guidance on the zoning and building permit process is an important first step. Explore your housing options, make an informed decision and enjoy your “new home in your favorite home” to the fullest! If this is an option you’d like to explore, please contact me to have a conversation.•

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Garth Brown helps to build legal secondary suites and create housing for individuals and families on Housing Wait lists. He can be reached by email at or by telephone: 416-459-2730

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