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WINE: If you drink it, you may as well MAKE IT!

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of bottling your own wine. Why would you otherwise pay full price in the store, when you can spend 15-minutes making your own and after a few weeks, walking out with something delicious you made yourself?

Making your own wine has come a long way, and with Do It Yourself outlets, it has become easier to make more sanitized/safe wine. The quality of the kits you can purchase and choose from, have improved greatly due to the technology to harness each grape’s delicate flavours. The whole process is completely under your control, and only you decide what goes into your wine. Why are the prices so much better than wine store prices? Because no marketing, warehousing, or transportation costs are involved in the process!

The process of making and bottling your own wine is trouble-free: The wine-making store will first educate you on the dozens of varieties available, which you can choose by kit. One kit typically provides 30 @ 750ml bottles. The equipment is all provided – from washing and sanitizing the bottles you may bring with you (regardless of which type of bottle you prefer), through to corking, labeling, and carry-home boxes.

After your initial visit and your 15-minutes of wine-making, it’s just a matter of waiting for the fermenting process – all done for you ‘behind the scenes’ in a temperature-controlled clean atmosphere. Coming back to bottle is the fun part, and usually only takes another 15-minutes per wine kit ordered. Depending on the kit you choose, your wine can be ready within 4 to 6 weeks!

If you’re going to drink wine, it may as well be your own. Not just for the savings but because it’s so worth the time spent vs. the outcome of quality and flavour… Once you try it, you may never go back to the wine store again!•

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Dale is the owner of Winexpert Burlington, located in Burlington, Ontario.

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