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Gifting Yourself A Little Something

My good friend Isabel hates her kitchen backsplash. She has been living in her home for over 30 years. She is a wonderful cook, spends hours in that room, yet she complains about the out-dated backsplash every time I share that space with her.

My daughter told me she needs new pants, but she can’t spend the money right now because her son really needs... this or that. After she gets him this or that, he will need the other. You know how it is when you’re a mom.

We’re too hard on ourselves. We work hard for our money, but our money doesn’t s t r e t c h as much as we’d like it to. There’s never enough money to go around, or is there?

I realized I enjoy too much wine, and so I started going to one of those ‘DIY wine’ places so I could make a batch of wine and save a bundle (hey, at $3.50 a bottle that’s pretty good... and much to my surprise so is the wine!). And I realized there is always a way to save some money –if you’re tight– and gift yourself that little something that would cheer you up.

I have a jar now, one which I hide in the back shelf of my bedroom armoire. It’s actually an old vase, and so it’s opaque so I can’t see what’s inside... but I know there’s money in there. I call it my “me jar”, and every second month –that’s right, every couple of months– I pull out some of it and spend it on myself. Whatever the gift may be that I wish, I make sure to make an appointment with myself and shop! Whether it’s a blouse, a new pair of shoes, or a fancy pair of earrings... the only rule is that is must be for ME.

My daughter thinks I’m nuts, but Isabel has started to do it as well. Since she started, she figures she has close to $500 in there now – pretty close to a new backsplash fund! In the meantime she will continue to complain, but at least she’s doing something about it, as everyone should. As the commercial says, “because we’re worth it.”

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