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Let Go Of All Your 'Stuff'!

Newsflash: Your kids don’t want your china. And when you are gone and they are left to clean out your basement, you’ll be leaving them with more headaches than family heirlooms. It’s time to let go of all that ‘stuff’, especially the following items, which you probably consider worth hanging on to:

Antiques – If it’s truly valuable, they’ll probably sell it to fund their kids’ tuition. With real estate prices and all of these 5,000 square foot homes being built, chances are your children would probably appreciate a helping hand NOW with a down payment. If it’s an old piece of furniture, ask if they want it; if they do and you’re still using it, stick a piece of painter’s tape under it with their name on it.

Silver & china – How often do you use either? People don’t have formal dinners anymore, and many home designs don’t even include a dining room! Plus, that collection of silver ware is worth nothing anymore (plus, all that work polishing it..!) If your kids want it, give it to them NOW.

Oriental rugs – Owning one used to be more of a status symbol; today they’re dust collectors that the automatic vacuums can’t roll over. They’re difficult to move, expensive to clean, and don’t seem to go with anything. Did you know that rugs and area rugs are not recommended for seniors? They can become tripping hazards as our mobility ages… simplify; downsize the rugs.

Dolls + toys – As with antiques, many vintage doll collections and toys can bring in a pretty penny at an online auction or for a private collector – otherwise they will be hiding in a box sucking up mold. If you’re not displaying them or your kids don’t want them, it’s time to sell them and put that money to good use!

Jewellery – Think practically and consider how many of your precious jewels you actually wear, rather than store in a box or safety deposit box. Gift one to each child or grandchild on a special occasion – it will also give you an opportunity to retell their history. Give them a chance to pick one out, and if nobody wants a particular one, it’s a definite sign to let go of it.

Auction it off! – Ever considered having an Estate Sale to simplify matters? It doesn’t have to be left for your children to look after. Companies such as specialize in sorting out all that stuff for you, and selling it off in just a couple of days... right down to the garden rake! Just think of all those home renovations you could do with that money... •

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