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Nail Rubbing for Hair Re-Growth

Popular belief among many practitioners of complementary medicine, as well as in Indian culture, is that “Balayam”, or nail rubbing, can not only stimulate hair growth but also reverse hair graying, and help grow new, thick hair – some practitioners also believe it improves overall health by stimulating circulation and regulating blood pressure.

This practice is said to work because of the belief that nerve endings under the nails are directly connected to nerve endings in the scalp; other practitioners say it is because the friction in the nails trigger energy meridian reflex points, stimulating dormant, weak, or old hair follicles.

Nail rubbing is typically done on an empty stomach. Curl the fingers as if to form a half fist (see image above) and gently rub the fingernails against each other for five to ten minutes, twice per day. Most people report a tingling sensation on the scalp after practicing nail rubbing. It may take some time to see results, some report 6-8 months is normal.

NOTE: Balayam is not recommended for pregnant women, or people with high blood pressure.

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