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Best Thrift Store Buys!

Thrift Stores are just amazing: Not only are you able to find great items at great prices, but you can also have the opportunity, in many cases, to help out a charity and do lots of good... and that's a bonus!

Thrift Stores have come a long way. People are now more used to looking for some specialty items – not just clothes – in these types of stores, as all the items are cleaned, checked to ensure they're in working order (such as for electronic items), and complete (such as with puzzles and games). There are simply some things you MUST buy at the thrift store, or at least try and find, rather than spending ten times more money for.

Things you must look for at a thrift store include:

1. Coats – whether for winter or spring, there are dozens to choose from, in excellent condition, clean, and in all sizes and colours.

2. Electric appliances – whether a hand blender, slow cooker, toaster, electric knife, or sandwich griller, they’ve all been tested to make sure they work.

3. Plastic containers – in every size and, as opposed to new plastic containers, with lids that actually won’t break down after a couple of uses!

4. Frames – some will even come with the perfect family photo, all ready for hanging!

5. Kitchen gadgets/baking – need a new muffin tin? They got it, along with cooling racks, a cheese grater, rolling pin, and bowls in every size and shape. Happy baking!

6. Dishes – Having company and don’t have enough dishes? This one’s perfect for the thrift store! Plates, bowls, cups, serving dishes, it’s all there for your pickin’.

7. Seasonal stuff – They got Christmas pillows, Valentine’s Day decorations, Easter egg cups, and probably that wonderful gardening tool or pot you’ve been needing.

8. Purses – Ladies, if you’ve gotten tired of using the same purse, why not buy 5 more for the price of a new one?

9. Books – If borrowing one from the library is not for you, the thrift store is the perfect place! Take your grandkids there too, you know they should be reading more anyway!

10. Toys + sports – And not just for children! Board games, and sporting equipment to play with, hurray! From golf clubs, skates and soccer balls, to vintage baseball mitts… that’s right! you’d be surprised what others donate!

Buying second hand gives us also an opportunity to divert many items from going into landfill... let's face it, there is simply NOT-ENOUGH-ROOM in our landfills for the thousands of pounds of (often, very good quality) clothing that people dump in a year!


The average person buys 60 percent more items of clothing every year, and keeps them for about half as long as 15 years ago, generating a huge amount of waste.

The average Canadian throws out approximately 80lb. of clothing per year, per person.

The annual environmental impact of a household’s clothing is equivalent to the water needed to fill 1,000 bathtubs and the carbon emissions from driving an average modern car for almost 10,000 kilometres.


Many people donate used clothing, simply because they're tired of wearing that particular item... That's right! So it doesn't mean the item is ripped, torn, or stained (otherwise thrift stores don't accept them!), it just means they've either outgrown it, or out-lived it.

It's worth checking out!

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