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Considering Dentures? Read this advice first.

- As read in Silver and Gold Magazine's FALL 2018 issue.

Many people are considering having some bothersome teeth extracted, and replaced with a Denture. As a Denturist, we can help guide to whether the wearing of Dentures is right for you.

Certainly Dentures will help to protect the sensitive gum tissue at the extraction sites of your mouth, and will act as a form of a bandage to:

  • Help control any swelling and allow the healing to progress

  • Help to keep the gums/tissue free of debris that could cause irritation

  • Prevent any dislodging of the extraction site and blood clots, which are necessary for healing

During the healing process after extractions, the presence of an immediate Denture can also help to make an easier and faster transition from eating soft foods to a wider variety of foods.

People have asked me many times what they can expect when replacing their natural teeth with an Immediate Denture:

Prior to the extraction, an Impression will need to be made while your natural teeth are still in place. The Denture can certainly be made in the likeness of your natural teeth. When the new Denture is completed, arrangements can then be made for the extraction of the teeth involved.

Once your natural teeth are removed, the Denture will be inserted, and this process will be carried out while your mouth is still frozen from the extraction process. As the healing process begins to occur, follow up visits to the Dentist or Denturist will be required to assess in recovery from the extractions, and thus assure that the healing process is underway.

Generally speaking, the gum tissue will take 8 to 12 weeks to heal properly from the extractions. In some cases, it may be necessary for us to place a temporary soft lining material on the fitting surface of the new Denture, to improve the fit and minimize any soreness. This may have to be repeated as the gums and bone continue to shrink.

When wearing a Denture for the first time, the transition from having natural teeth may take some time before becoming totally comfortable. Perseverance and patience are the keys to success and the patient’s efforts will determine, to a very large degree, just how quickly and how well adjustment is made to the new Dentures.

Please keep in mind that millions of people are wearing Dentures successfully with no discomfort and with time, you can too! •

Peter Iapichino is a Denturist at Burlington Denture Clinic. He may be reached for consultation at 905-333-8181 .

- - - - Silver and Gold magazine caters to the Boomers Plus demographic: Those aged 45 and better... like you and us!

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