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Extra Income for Retirees

Unless you’ve done very well and can rely solely on your pensions and savings (unlike myself and many of my friends), you’ll need a little extra cash, once you quit working full time.

Not only for the money though! I believe we all have to do something, otherwise we’ll get even older and greyer by sitting around watching the boob tube! Might as well make some money while we’re doing this “something” thing.

Us senior folks are often hired by coffee shops and drive throughs, because we’re just that bit of extra awesome: We’ve learned to be nice and polite to others, work hard, and quit complaining because we know it won’t get us anywhere. So that’s the way to go, unless you’re not into working for someone else on a regular schedule (like myself – I will not wear a uniform, and will certainly not abide by a weekly schedule.)

There’s lots you can do with your extra time, to make extra money – you first have to look at what you did when you were employed and follow that. Or, if you were not employed, look at what you were good at anyway! Did you sew? Love cleaning, or driving? Do you love animals? Are you good in business, or with numbers? Are you an artist?

Everyone needs help with something, especially the younger crowd with kids, and even seniors like us who are snow-birding down south for the winter. They’re hiring someone to help, right? Why not you?

Rent your car out

If being on-call as an Uber driver isn’t for you, then why not rent out your car when you’re not using it? is a company that matches car owners with people who need short term use of a vehicle, and the best part is, they look after all the details – from finding customers, to insurance, to managing payments. Typically you can make $60/day for your car use, depending upon size and year/make.


Added on to house-sitting, it’s the perfect combo to offer those busy young professionals who would otherwise have to rush home to feed and walk the dog. Going rate for a feed and a dog walk is approximately $10-$15.


Start out by passing around a simple flyer to your neighbours – who already know and trust you – and grow your time and hours as you see fit. Everyone goes away sometime! Going rate can be from $10 - $20/hour, for checking the house, turning lights, getting mail, opening closing blinds, etc.


Are you a retired teacher? Or maybe you have business experience? If so, you could help kids or college students with their studies, or work as a consultant to help small business owners on a part-time basis. Depending on experience and subject, tutors can make from $20-$40/hour.


If you’re experienced as an accountant or are good with numbers, you could be helping out small business owners by balancing their books and entering their receipts on a computer. Easy peasy. Going rate is $15-$20/hour from home.


This is a fast-growing business, since nobody learns to sew or fix hems anymore! It’s a lost art… can you do it? Most seamstresses-from-home or tailors can make $15-$40 per item, depending on work involved.


Some people are just real good at this, but they’re hard to find! If you’re good, and love it, set your own hours, and help busy families by cleaning their home. You could work just a couple of hours a week, or a dozen hours – the going rate is approximately $25/hour.

If all else fails...

If you really want to do something but are not looking for the income benefits, well you really should be volunteering. Our hospital needs us, youth groups, churches, the animal aid needs help, elementary schools need people to watch kids eat lunch while teachers are on break... There’s a lot of opportunity out there, and if you have 2 hours or so, why not volunteer?•

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