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Gift ideas for your loved ones with Alzheimer's

Finding a gift for your loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s is not always easy. Fortunately, this dementia-friendly guide, put together by the Eugeria team can help you find a unique gift for your loved one.

Eugeria is Canada’s source for products to help your loved ones with dementia or Alzheimer’s continue to live their best lives, and to give you peace of mind in the process. Our team has picked out 6 favourite gifts for your loved one living with Alzheimer this Christmas.

We have tested these products to ensure they are appropriate for moderate and advanced stages of dementia. These gifts will keep your loved one busy, engage them cognitively, entertain them, and are sure to make your next visit is a lively one!

1. Water paintings:

Active Minds’ Aquapaint™ is a painting activity that simply requires the use of water to make a beautiful image appear. This creative dementia product helps promote independence, a sense of achievement and pride.

2. "Joy for All" companion pets:

The Joy for All companion pets are a Eugeria team favourite. They steal the show whenever we visit a residence with these cute pets in our arms! Senior residents instantly smile, talk and laugh with them.

These pets are designed to break your loved one’s social isolation. They recreate animals’ reactions (they purr, bark, wag their tail) and have sensors to react to the touch and sounds of their owner.

The Joy for All companion pets are particularly useful for seniors who have had pets their entire lives but for various reasons can’t have one anymore.

3. "Simple Music Player"

Simple Music player was designed to let your loved one listen to their favourite music with ease.

You can upload up to 1,000 songs and decide what volume the songs will play through controls cleverly hidden at the bottom of the player. Your loved can only lift to play the songs or click on a big black button to switch songs - nothing else!

The Eugeria team presents the simple music player in this short video:

Check it out here:

4. "Active Minds" and "Keeping Busy" puzzles are a fun, creative, and stimulating gift for your loved one. It’s a product developed for people living with dementia that promotes independence and a sense of achievement and pride. It also stimulates conversation.

5. "Adapted Board Games"

Our memory game, adapted bingo are fun, creative, and stimulating games that you and your loved one can play together. These games were developed for people living with dementia to promote independence and stimulates conversation. A great way to spend quality time with them on your next visit.

6. Children's Books

To bridge the gap between generations, we also include in this gift guide a children’s book that explains dementia in an age-appropriate way. Weeds in Nana’s Garden is a book to help your child (3+) understand Alzheimer’s disease. This book tells the story of a little girl who likes gardening with her Nana. One day she finds weeds tangled with the flowers and understands that her Nana doesn’t take care of her garden as she used to because of her dementia. The little girl decides to take care of the garden and to love it as her grandma did. The garden is different but loved all the same.

We hope you’ve found this gift guide helpful, and that you now have many ideas on how to pamper your loved one with dementia this coming holiday season. For more ideas or to purchase these and other gifts for your loved ones with Alzheimer's, visit Eugeria's website online:

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