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Gifting an Experience of a Lifetime

A bucket list is a list of experiences that a person hopes to accomplish during their lifetime. It gives you direction and inspiration to enjoy life with deeper purpose than just working through it.

Bucket lists are important for everyone to have: They make you stop and think what you actually want to experience, and they remind you that life is short and needs to be lived!

Have you ever wondered what to give a retiring friend, your graduating child, or that special someone who seems to have everything? Sometimes buying a sweater or spending $100 toward a new cell phone doesn’t cut it – especially when you consider that everyone has dreams, and things they’d like to do which they have yet to.

Having access to the vast world wide web has opened up unimaginable opportunities, if you know where to look. Online, trusted retailers such as Breakaway Experiences, have been offering a wide range of affordable and unique experiences that are perfect for gift-giving anyone.

Imagine gifting dad a 30-minute flying lesson (from $105), driving a Lamborghini or Ferrari (from $50) or better yet, going with him as a family on a hot air balloon ride?

With Mother’s Day coming up, mom may enjoy a helicopter tour over Toronto (from $190), learn to sail in Toronto Harbour and Toronto Islands (from $219), or enjoy a maritime lobster supper at St. Lawrence Market (from $99). You know she would never buy gifts like these for herself, yet they’re probably on her bucket list!

Breakaway Experiences has a long list of specialty gift experiences that appeal to everyone, categorized by occasion, recipient, price range, or type of experience: From food & drink, pamper/spa, and romantic experiences, to driving and flying experiences, sports, tours, and full-fledged family ones. It has never been so easy to gift someone a truly meaningful opportunity, one they’ll talk about forever.

Times have changed, and so has gift-giving; it’s easy to search and find an experience that creates long-time memories and entertaining tales for many years. Breakaway Experiences has grown to offer over 1000 experiences throughout Canada, and the best part is, the gift can be given immediately upon purchase, by printing out a gift certificate that will never expire – or simply by sending it to your recipient by email, regardless of where in Canada they live!

There's no reason why you could not give an experience gift to yourself as well: What a great incentive to make things happen, and tick off an item from your own bucket list! For example, you could buy yourself a Boeing 737 Flight Simulator experience now (from $99), and encourage your siblings to do the same – when everyone has bought their own, you can then enjoy the adventure together, as a family! Parents can do the same for their children, and in this way, encourage them to spend an unforgettable experience together, as part of their inheritance… Surprise from mom and dad!

There are some things money can’t buy, and many are lived through experiences you share with others… After all, the longer you wait for the future, the shorter it will be. Enjoy it now while you can! •

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