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Losing the Love Handles

Chances are, you’ve heard a lot about “gluten” lately, yet may still not know what it’s all about. You may already know it’s in bread, but does that mean you can’t eat bread at all?

Gluten is a protein found in grains like wheat, rye, spelt and barley. Of those grains, wheat is the most commonly consumed, and it seems to be in everything these days – from the breads, buns and muffins you eat, to crackers, cookies, cakes, and even as binders and fillers in sausages, ice cream, energy bars, malt vinegar, mayonnaise, and salad dressings. If you drink vodka or wine coolers, it’s in there too. Even if you use regular shampoos and many cosmetics on the market: The biggest problem with gluten is that it’s EVERYWHERE.

Eating gluten has been named a big culprit in visceral fat – also known as the stubborn fat stored within the abdominal cavity: that pesky “love handle” that many men suffer from, and “muffin top” many women just can’t seem to get rid of!

Having visceral fat is extremely unhealthy, as it surrounds your organs and tissues, making it more difficult for them to properly function. Visceral fat has been studied extensively, and thought of as a culprit for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and even dementia.

Exercise can certainly help lose visceral fat, yet more and more studies show that completely omitting gluten (and grains) has been shown to drastically aid in fat loss – and quickly too. When the body is deprived of gluten and sugars (which include grains), it’s forced to use fat stores for energy, burning them up quickly.

Health expert and New York Times best-selling author, Yuri Elkaim (who you may recognize from his frequent guest-speaking engagements on television), recommends that it only takes about five days to break the addictions to wheat and sugar, and about two weeks to get your hormone levels back in line, reduce chronic fatigue, have tremendous energy, think more clearly, have better moods, even sleep better… and of course, lose a significant amount of weight!

Yuri’s advice:

  1. Cut all wheat out of your diet, and stay away from potatoes, corn. Don’t eat food out of cans or bags for 2 weeks, and base your diet on fresh vegetables, meats, poultry, eggs and seafood, nuts and seeds, and healthy fats like avocados, olives, olive and coconut oil. And eat as much of these foods as you want! (Don’t count calories or restrict these foods while on this diet).

  2. Cut all sugars out of the diet, at least for two weeks.

  3. Stick to low-glycemic fruits, such as apples, pears, and berries. The more you stick to this diet, the easier it will be to ‘break through’.

  4. Load up on Vitamin C, like 2000-3000mg per day! This will help reduce the inflammation, restore proper hormonal balance, and help your body dispose of that stored fat you hate so much.

Now’s your chance to regain control of your body health and energy level... Is your health worth two weeks of effort? •

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