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Newsflash: Oatmeal is not necessarily the best breakfast.

- As read in Silver and Gold Magazine's FALL 2018 issue. Read our past issues HERE.

Oatmeal isn’t necessarily the best breakfast you can have.

It’s not that oatmeal is ‘unhealthy’, more often it’s about the way in which you may be preparing it and how this can be the culprit for your weight gain – or lack of weight loss.

For many women, extra weight can be stored in the hips and thighs, as for men in the “beer belly” gut. Regular exercise and mobility naturally decreases with age, and before you know it, we’ve gained 20 (plus) pounds that won’t go away.

Mary Vance, Certified Holistic Nutritionist from California explains why oatmeal is not considered the best breakfast: “1 cup of cooked oatmeal has 28 grams of carbs and 6 grams of protein. You’re probably not eating it plain, so let’s say you’re adding a banana and some honey to it. That’s an additional 44 grams of carbs. That puts your breakfast at 72 grams of carb and about 32 grams of sugars – that’s 8 teaspoons of sugar for breakfast!”

Mary further explains, “Because there is little protein and fibre in this meal, the grains break down quickly into sugars. Since only so much glucose is needed in the cell, the rest is converted to fat and stored.”

Mary suggests skipping grains altogether, all grains, including rice, corn, quinoa, beans, lentils, many nuts and seeds – especially if you’re trying to lose weight and have more energy. She says studies have indicated that not many people are able to properly digest these carbohydrates, especially first thing in the morning, and that a diet that provides fibre, meats, good fats, and vegetables, may be the solution and that trying this “grain free diet” for a week or two, may surprise you.

Many of these grain-free breakfast alternatives are available on Mary’s website:

The following are some grain-free alternatives you can enjoy for both breakfast or as a snack. To check out our recipes click HERE.

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