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Quinoa and Egg in 2 minutes:

The healthy breakfast.


Many Silver & Gold recipes support gluten-free lifestyles,

as we believe that breakfast truly IS necessary.

Try making this recipe with our ready-made quinoa.

Skip the sugary cereals and cold toast and replace it with this breakfast that is packed with nutrients.


- - - -

Tips and easy cooking instructions:

  • Cook your quinoa the night before and reheat in a small pan in the morning after making your egg.

  • The egg will only take you a minute to prepare... this recipe can be customized to use any ingredient (veggies, cheese, leftover meats, etc.) to suit your buds. Great for lunch and for a quick dinner too!

  • Heat your pan on medium low temperature and add a small (dime size) pad of butter.

  • Crack your egg (or two if you prefer) and add your toppings. We used mushrooms, feta cheese and chopped up kale.  You could also add some tomatoes, onions and Italian seasonings for a "pizza flavour" style breakfast.

  • Allow the egg to cook slightly and then fold in half, immediately turning off heat and setting aside.  

  • Serve over 1/2 cup of cooked quinoa and enjoy!

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