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Raising Kids, Naturally!


Raising Kids Naturally is Silver and Gold magazine's area for happy parenting and grandparenting, where we share insightful, educational articles, handy tips and tricks, delicious family-friendly recipes, and "did you know" bits that are perfect for busy parents and grandparents.

We believe that the saying is true: "It takes a village to raise a child," and we think it takes parents, grandparents, friends and neighbours, to raise a healthy and happy child and stay sane in this crazy world... Don't you?

Join the Raising Kids Naturally community of families who are learning from our lessons, and also helping each other with their own tried and true life lessons!  You're not alone in this parenting thing... we're here to figure things out... together!

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Raising Kids Naturally Fall 2017
Raising Kids by SG
Healthy Lives

• Babies don't need shampoo. Ever. 

• Back to school with essential oils

• Best tips for avoiding & fixing teenage Acne problems

• Let's talk about essential fats

• Are you REALLY looking after your skin?

5 tips for ADHD issues - naturally

• Get through viral season – drugless!

• Is naturopathic medicine scientific?

• Facial cleanse. With OIL? Yes!

• How's your POOP? (Yes, it's OK to talk about it!)

• Beating Spring allergies, naturally

• Should you remove ear wax?

Flu shot or not? That is the real question

Tips for happier moms (it IS possible to think of YOU!)

• Sulfate (SLS): Poison in a pretty little bottle

• Back to school supplements: The basics you need to get

• Healthy gut = healthy mind. The GAPS diet

• Natural remedies for cold and fever


Food + Cooking

• #YesWeCan Teach them to cook!

• What should we be eating anyway?

• How to make your own nut butter - almond butter, cashew butter, seed

• Why honey is better than sugar

• A little poison for Halloween, anyone?

• Are we allergic to peanuts or what's been done to them

• The healthiest detox drink. First thing in the morning!

• There's wood and sand in my fast-food?

• How to get started on the right path, to healthier foods

• Salt – Friend or foe?

• Shake up your wake-up routine already!

• Healthy school lunches for everyone!

• A cup of bone broth for breakfast? Skip the coffee. Try this.

• Candy for breakfast? Chances are they're already having it

• How much sugar is in my kids' snack? (Brace yourself)

• How to make your own butter. Easy recipe!


Get Active!

• Chores vs. Electronics: Who wins?

• Laughter practise for healthier kids

• Sleeping issues? UNPLUG!

• Growing pains? Keep those kids moving!


Quality Time

• Kids Crafts: Make your own felty elephant

• What is "Simplicity Parenting"?

• Mentors: Who needs them? Why mentorship is key

• Can you work out with your kids? (is that even possible?)

• Help your kids power OFF to switch ON!

Parent helpers: They help minimize depression

• How to help kids focus. Really focus.

• Your kids need you! Giving them the time of day.



• Halton Waste Challenge – Join in!

• Enough plastic already! 

• How getting dirty helps you be healthier

• Ditch the dryer sheets. Try these chemical-free ideas instead!

• No-Poo (no shampoo). Ever again.

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