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Roasted Sunflower Seeds


•2 Cups sunflower seeds – hulled and unsalted
•2 Tbsp. Tamari sauce (natural soya sauce, typically without wheat)

Heat frying pan to medium/low – DO NOT GREASE! (no oil, butter, etc.)
Place sunflower seeds in pan and allow to toast slightly without burning (mix with a wooden spoon frequently).

Once toasted/browned slightly, add Tamari sauce and stir frequently to ensure all seeds are coated. Continue stirring on low heat setting, until seeds are “dried” and not wet from the Tamari sauce (approx 5 minutes).

Remove from heat, allow to cool in a separate bowl and enjoy as a healthy snack.


*Sunflower seeds are a natural and healthy way to get a great snack during your busy day. This recipe contains no added grease or oils. Allow to cool and pack in small tupperware to carry in your car, or for the kids to have at school – peanut free!

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