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Seniors Helpers: Finding help while living at home
Assisting the Elder
Family Visit
Senior Therapy
Home Nurse Examining Patient
Do you offer assistance specifically to Seniors living in their own homes?

Silver and Gold Magazine believes that some Seniors require specific assistance with various tasks at their home, or with their home. 

Some of this specific care may include:

Choose from these options:

BASIC listing:  FREE

  • Company / Name

  • Brief description, text only (up to 50 words, no graphics)

  • Link to your website 


LOGO listing: $15/month (must be a full-year commitment)

  • As Basic listing above, plus logo 

DISPLAY listing: $50/month

  • As above in a more visual Vertical Banner size = 240 pixels x 400 pixels

  • Artwork fees included

Does your business or service qualify?
  • If your business offers one of the services mentioned above, specific to Seniors who are living in their own home, then we want to hear
    from you!

  • Please let us know if you offer a special Seniors Discount

  • You don't have to be registered as a business: Students and individuals who offer assistance to Seniors in their home, (ie: lawn mowing, snow shovelling, etc.,) also qualify to be added to our listings

How do I get started?

Send us an email with your listing and we will contact you with suggestions and any billing/pricing requirements. Easy peasy!

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"It's not about how MUCH you do, but how much LOVE you put into what you do that counts."

– Mother Theresa

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