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About Silver & Gold Publisher, Suzanne Soto-Davies
Suzanne Soto Davies 2021.HEIC
what if something happens to me

Suzanne was born and raised in Peru, from a long lineage of Europeans. At age fifteen, she immigrated to Canada with her parents and siblings, in search of a safer and more promising life.

After studying Police Sciences, Interior Decorating and Design, Languages (Spanish, English, Italian and German), and later Holistic Nutrition, Suzanne ‘fell’ into the Graphics Design field and was immediately hooked – changing her focus toward the Graphics Design, Advertising and Marketing fields.

After years of designing and marketing for other agencies and publishers, Suzanne decided to branch out and publish her own magazine – it is here when Silver & Gold was born.


After her mother's aneurysm in 2012, Suzanne created the WISH Workbook, a complete workbook in which to write down one's most private and important information – just in case something should happen and one is unable to communicate. The WISH Workbook is a labour of love and one which Suzanne feels everyone should have at hand regardless of age and whether a Will should be in place or not.


Suzanne is also a Formula Botanica graduate, where she received the Diploma of Organic Haircare Formulation – an intensive international education program that allowed her to be certified as a formulator and develop an innovative hair and skincare line: TRUU by Nature.


Suzanne is part-owner of HofK, an exhibit design and manufacturing business that produces high-end exhibits for visitor and science centres, museums, corporations, and designers of unique display pieces – including dioramas, murals, donor walls, casino pieces, and more.

Suzanne is a lover and protector of nature and calls herself a “tree hugger” who enjoys gardening edibles and raising butterflies, and advocating for the banning of plastic bags, straws, and single-use plastic bottles.

Suzanne believes there is nothing more special than a family’s love, and she considers hers to be her most cherished blessings.

In the media / Public speaking engagements

Suzanne has appeared numerous times on television, as well as being interviewed on radio and in print publications.


Suzanne is often commissioned to speak to groups from twenty to two-hundred, on various topics such as having ageing parents move in, elder abuse prevention, starting the "money chat" with parents, how to unplug children from electronics, spending quality (not quantity) family time, how to advertise to the Boomers demographic effectively, eating for health, easy cooking tips and tricks, why record your personal information, and "What If Something Happens to me" - to name a few topics.

Contact Suzanne for public speaking engagements.

Skip The Straw.png

Suzanne supports the #StrawsSuck movement to ban the single-use plastic straw. Approximately 450 MILLION straws are used every day, and since they cannot be recycled because of their size, they get thrown into the dump... You too can make a difference, with JUST ONE STRAW.


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