WISH Workbook:  "What If Something Happens to me?"

"It was Christmas Eve, and we received the call that my mother had been flown into hospital... What an awful time... we needed to help her immediately, and we
knew nothing!"


– Suzanne Soto-Davies, publisher of the WISH Workbook.

Read her personal story. 


Have you ever asked yourself: "What if something happens to me?"

Should you have an unfortunate incident where you cannot communicate, even temporarily... Would your loved ones know where you keep your valuable information? Passwords? Or who to contact to assist until you're able to? Who is your Clergy? Do you have friends who can help ~ who you can trust? Medications? Pet care?


You may not think about these things until it's too late.

And that's not fair for your loved ones. 


Silver and Gold's WISH (What If Something Happens) workbook was carefully designed and prepared by Suzanne Soto-Davies, after her mother's aneurysm. She learned the hard way, what it means to
require this important information.


WISH is a 48-page, easy-to-complete workbook, which includes:

• Personal information and important contacts

• Medical information (past and present, medications, allergies,
   sensitivities, preferences)

• Insurance Information

• Banking & Financial (personal and for work/business)

• properties in Canada and abroad

• important information for care around your home
  (pet care, home security, your utility bills, how to reach your

   children, etc)

• Employment section, and much more. 



regardless of age or health status.

The WISH workbook does not replace a Will:
It fully complements it.

Just imagine if something happens to you... A car accident, a stroke, maybe you faint in a shopping mall... What should your spouse or children do? Would they run to your lawyer to read your Will and see what you would like done? Certainly not. 


Everyone should have a Will prepared professionally. It should be updated regularly. And everyone should have a WISH workbook to complement it – because it matters, and it could save your life. The WISH workbook will help you in case of an emergency. It will help your spouse know what to say to the emergency doctors, and it will help your children know how to help YOU while you can't.  This is SO important... and worth the cost.